Dear Keith,
All I have done for the past three days is watch this video!! I am being completely honest when I say this, your video is the most amazing video that I have ever seen!! And I have seen a lot! Probably more than 50! I have literally cried for the past three days! Friday night, I was up until 5 a.m. watching it over and over...

What a gift you have Keith! I wanted to call you this weekend to send you our thanks, but I didn't want to cry like a baby! So I wanted to wait till today (My eyes are so swollen). I remember Mark saying to me that he would never watch the wedding video because he doesn't like to watch himself! He just loves it!! He watched the whole video with me too! PLUS, he wants to watch it again! I slept for about an hour Saturday morning and got up to run to my parents house to show my mom!! We just cried the whole time!!! They love it soooooo much!!

I really don't know how to thank you for this. This video is something I will cherish for all time! Our wedding day was the best time of our lives, and you were able to capture it all! I am going to go out tonight and buy a fire proof safe to put a copy in!! Seriously, I would die if anything happened to it!

You were so wonderful to work with. My whole family knows your name! I am going to have to try to train them not to tell people that Keith made the video, because then they won't know All Occasions Video! I am so sad that it is all over ....I wish that I could do it all over again!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know that the rest of my family is just going to love the video! I truly can't wait to go home and watch it again tonight! Mark is going to kill me because I literally keep watching it over and over again! If I had to pick my favorite part (it would be really hard) it would have to be the post ceremony montage with all of us outside at the reception hall...That song was just a perfect fit. I am so glad that we remembered the name of that song! I can't believe the quality of this video!!!! It looked like the beginning if a mini series or something! I can't wait to show my wedding party and all of my friends!

Your hard work is so appreciated, I really wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Hopefully one day you will be able to capture more of our memories!! If I ever need another video done, I know who I will call!

Thank you again for everything that you did for us!                                                                                   
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