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name is Keith Anderson. My wife Jennifer and I are the founders of All Occasions Video Productions. First let me say, thank you for taking the time to consider our company for your wedding video production. I truly hope your visit here, makes your choice a little easier!

While visiting this web site, I hope you will get a sense of our passion for our craft. We truly love what we do, and I think it is evident in our work as well as on this web site. We took great care when we created this site to try to give our prospective clients a feeling of our passion for details. In fact, every bride or groom image you see on this web site, was created from an actual single frame of video! No bought or "stock" images were used. We give every client the same attention to detail. On your wedding day its all about the details. It is critical to capture the smallest of details to properly convey the essence of your day.

When we shoot your wedding ceremony, you will not see any bright lights, rolling tripods, equipment carts, cables on the floor, or anything that might attract attention during the ceremony. Your reception will be no different. In very low light conditions, the footage our cameras obtain simply looks amazing! In extreme low light cases, a very small and diffused light on the camera will be necessary only under the darkest of conditions. You will never see a light on a stand or any bulky equipment laying around.

My greatest satisfaction comes from the consistent feedback we receive from our clients. As you may have noticed in the column to the right, I take great pride in our clients perceptions of our service! If you would like to read a recent letter in its entirety, click here. While watching your video, if you are not filled with emotion, than I have not done my job.

I began work in the wedding industry over twenty years ago. Needless to say that over the years, I have obtained an understanding of the wedding day flow and activities. Every wedding has its own unique personality and feel. Our job is to capture the sights, sounds, and people of your wedding in an unobtrusive and pleasant manner.

For a wedding videography professional, the wedding day always presents many challenges. Challenges such as church or venue restrictions, camera angles, microphone placement, and nervous and hurried people are just a few! What sets us apart, is our ability to calmly overcome every challenge. On a day as hectic as your wedding day, there is simply no room for stress or tension from your videographer.

We firmly believe in keeping our distance and generally making our presence very discreet at your wedding and reception. We understand that shooting from a distance and "zooming in" rather than being "in your face" yields much more natural looking video. The whole idea is to capture the genuine laughter and tears of you and your guests without forcing the false or guarded action you sometimes get when a person realizes they are on camera. Our video team is courteous, personable and most of all, always conscious of what is going on around us.

Shooting a compelling and entertaining wedding video requires artistic camera work . It truly takes an artistic eye combined with the latest digital 3-Chip camera technology to make your video look like something you would watch on television. Your video's sound is another issue all together! We use tiny UHF wireless microphones(which directly feed our cameras) on the groom and officiate to capture the softly spoken vows. Additional microphones are also placed on the readers podium and on the musicians, if applicable.

After your wedding day, all the raw footage will be brought back to our fully digital non-linear edit suite for the 30 to 50 hours of editing your video will require. It is here in the editing phase of your production, that we spend all the necessary hours to create the magical and memorable journey of your wedding day. Special effects such as slow motion, black & white, sepia toning, time re-mapping, and music editing are all tastefully used only in the appropriate places.

My company is, and will remain relatively small. We will never out-source any aspect of your wedding day. When you book us, you get us. No hired hands or part-time videographers will ever be used. We will continue to shoot and edit everything in-house. I feel this is the only way to really control the quality of the product we produce.

This entire process takes time. The quality we strive to achieve requires lots of preparation and editing time. Final product delivery is usually 3 to 6 months after the wedding date. Rush jobs are available at an additional cost, but please understand we will never rush our way through any clients wedding video. To do so would only hurt our future business.

The bottom line is that we love what we do. It takes time, and we are willing to invest the time when our clients feel good about our service and recognize quality work.

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